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Searching for your next canine companion?  If you  have your heart set on a fantastic Poodle, perky Pomeranian, clown-ish  French Bulldog or my own breed, precious  Pootons, you are at the right place.   My friends and business partners at  are licensed &  inspected and in good standing with AKC, ICA & USDA. We have been raising dogs for a good 20 years.   I admit I am terrible about keeping the pics updated on puppypals4you.com (Costs alot to keep your page at the top, right? you know google)  I'm the contact person & take care of all the details for our clients. I would love to help you find just the right puppy.  I do advertise on other sites and possibly that is where you ran across our website.  I am always happy to share new pics and pups if you email me on our contact us page. 

 Webs.com used to have a feedback page in their package that was hosted by an outside source. They have since removed that option and my feedback page was deleted....so sad.  But, we have alot of feedback from past clients on puppyfind.com where they do allow feedback to be posted,  so if you would like to read some of that just copy/paste the following link;    


   Our purebred adults are AKC registered or from AKC registered stock, My Coton De Tulears are AKC foundation stock. Our hybrids are not registered  as AKC does not register hybrids.  

My own exciting news is my Coton de Tulear  Haley's sweet litter of Pooton (Coton/Toy Poodle cross, I call them Babydolls) pups.  I do raise mine in the house underfoot and interacted with everyday, from the time they are born.  Puppies  have a good start learning  things they need to know to be good companion canines for their new owners....."No.... come here.... potty 'there'.....stay....hush hush, dont cry".....all that stuff that babies are not born knowing, but learn along the way.  As they get older,  there is  little kid interaction, with adult supervision obviously. Human babies do not know any better in the beginning either and must learn. Having raised several breeds, I truly love many qualities of the Coton breed as a foundation for my Pooton Babydolls. Little red poodle as the sire treats a butterscotch colored, fun playful,  cheerful, healthy and nicely built little canine companion. I know if you ever consider one of my Babydoll puppies you will get a beautiful and fun doggie.  It is important that my puppies go to forever, loving families that will nurture, love and give them excellent homes.  Pooton puppies are sweet, funny, excellent with children and other pets. Kind hearted, affectionate, very intelligent and easy to train. They are hypo-allegenic, non shedding and great for people who suffer from allergies.  Many past clients say it is the best doggie they have ever owned. 

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